The owners of BBIA currently run and manage two very successful Kindergartens in Buda, with approximately 150 children, aged between 2 and 6, on roll. These Kindergartens are extremely professional establishments which seek to provide an education, as opposed to being merely a baby-sitting, service. They are well equipped with modern technology, such as Smart Boards, in every classroom. The pupils also receive, electronically, regular reports out lining the academic and social progress of each child.  So although BBIA is a new primary school, it is developing out of two very successful Kindergartens.

It is because of the success of the two Kindergartens that the owners were asked if they would consider extending the provision to include primary age pupils. Following an extensive feasibility study it became apparent that there was a considerable demand for a medium priced British International school in Budapest. Particularly for a school which will be committed to keeping class sizes below 16 and making adequate provision for those students for who English is not the first language. As a consequence of that a building has been purchased to house the school. The Hungarian Health and Safety authorities have inspected the building and have deemed it as being a suitable for a school.