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After School Clubs


All the clubs from last term will continue with only minor changes, while several additional clubs BBIA students might be interested in have also been added. Browse BBIA’s Clubs list and make your choices!

If you wish to continue the clubs you have been attending previously, there is no need to inform the school additionally. However, should you wish to sign up for some new exciting clubs or make any changes, please let us know as soon as possible.


Join our Abacus Maths Club and learn the amazing system of calculation using your mental skills and visualization. Guaranteed to help with the students’ maths skills and mental maths, the Abacus method is not only useful for school, but also great fun for everyone!


Use your imagination and creative skills to make beautiful works of art in various artistic mediums and using a wide variety of techniques and materials. If you join our Art Club, you are guaranteed to learn new ways to be creative, have a great time, and take home your own works of art for your family to enjoy.


Dance has always been a beautiful part of life and growing up. Our Ballet sessions will teach the students the basics of both classical and modern ballet; we will learn creative choreography accompanied by famous musical compositions and dance moves. No one is as graceful as a ballerina – so join our ballet group and discover the dancer in you!


What better way to exercise your logical and strategic mind while having fun as well – if you sign up for the Chess Club, you will join a very special group of young people who strive to further sharpen their thinking skills by learning the strategies of this amazing ancient game. There is no better sport for the mind than chess, and we look forward to having new students join this brilliant activity!


Everyone loves delicious foods! If you join our Cooking Club, you will learn what great fun cooking and baking can be, and how easy it is to learn to make yummy cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and many other treats! Best of all, our little bakers get to try the wonderful desserts we will make together, and show off their newly learned skills at home as well.


Discover the wonderful world of Crafts! Paper craft, wood craft, jewellery-making and much more….learn numerous new skills and make great creations with fun materials, creative techniques and new ideas. You will be amazed what you can make with your own hands!


No time for school practice at home? Join BBIA’s Education City Club and keep up with all the important academic activities together with your friends from school and supervised by BBIA’s teachers. Education City is not only an important part of our learning program, but also a dynamic and interactive way to further practise everything we learn at school – feel free to join, everyone is welcome!


After a day of learning, treat yourself with an hour of football fun in fresh air, along with your classmates! Football Club is a great way to end your school day, release your energy, and score some goals. Your team is waiting for you at football practice every week!


How about getting all your homework done right after school, and with all the help you need from our BBIA teachers? It might be just the right way to finish your school day, and go home happily with all your work done!


Are you the new Karate Kid? This well-known martial art has always been one of the most popular sports worldwide for both boys and girls. If you decide to join the Karate Club, you will learn all the karate striking techniques such as knee and elbow strikes, open-hand strikes, and many more. Sign up to learn this very useful skill, and practice sparring every week with your team-mates.


Kung Fu is a famous ancient Chinese martial art. Learning Kung Fu is fun and rewarding as it teaches the students how to employ their energy, practice and patience in mastering this widely popular sport. Kung Fu has its own special principles and techniques, and is best known for its quickness and cleverness. Join the Club and find out!


Who is your favourite Superhero? Do you sometimes dream of having special powers? Join our Superhero Club and find out everything you ever wanted to know! You will have a great time and use your energy in many fun, creative, and useful ways.


Skipping is one of the best and most fun physical fitness techniques. If you decide to join our Skipping Club, you will learn many different, creative, and tricky ways of skipping, which will help you channel your energy and flex your muscles in a dynamic and fun way!


Love acting? For all the students who like speaking Spanish and enjoy drama performances, we are waiting for you at our Spanish Drama and Theatre Club. You will definitely discover and develop your Spanish and theatre skills while rehearsing interactive skits and performances and having a great time with our drama group!


One of the most popular and best known physical and mental practices throughout the world, Yoga is among the best ways to learn proper breathing, posture, muscle training and relaxation. Originating in ancient India, Yoga comprises physical, mental and spiritual training which improves concentration, energy and overall fitness of the body and mind.

Homework and Education City clubs are free of charge.
The fee for all other clubs is 2000/2.500 HUF per class.

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