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BBIA's curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum, which is highly regarded worldwide for its high quality education.

Understanding the British National Curriculum

Here in BBIA we follow the British national curriculum, which is recognised world wide. Here in Budapest, we value the Hungarian language and culture, so we ensure that all our students, both Hungarian and international, will be fully able to study Hungarian language and culture upon request.

At present, our school offers Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the British national Curriculum.

Key Stages:

Early Years              3 – 5 years               Nursery and Reception
Key Stage 1             6 – 7 years               1, 2
Key stage 2              7 – 11 years             3, 4, 5, 6

Early Years

Early years is a play-based introduction to the skills required for Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 1 is broad and balanced, with subject areas including English Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Physical Education, World Language and Information Technology.

In Language and Literacy, we provide a varied and stimulating environment, encouraging children’s interest in communicating in English. They will be offered many opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills. In Mathematics and Science, we develop knowledge that can be applied in everyday life.

Key Stage 2.

In Key Stage 2 we encourage pupils to be academically inquisitive and to take responsibility and initiative. They build upon the previous learning experiences from Key Stage 1 and they will be supported in the following four areas:

1. Our pupils can express themselves in both the spoken and written word.
2. Our pupils can apply their knowledge when carrying out practical or problem solving activities.
3. Our pupils develop personal and social skills.
4. Our pupils develop self-confidence and self-discipline.

Extra-Curriculum Activities

Our extra-curricular programme offers a wide range of opportunities in which our pupils can develop additional skills and interests. These are taught by our teachers and qualified external professionals.

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