BBIA at Berkenye utca 13-15 is the newest facility in a thriving educational community that has been a part of Budapest for the past ten years. Though it started as a one room nursery, Kids' Kiosk quickly grew to one and then two full-service English language kindergartens dedicated to providing the best quality education to children from Hungary and around the world.
In light of this tremendous success, expanding our institutional portfolio to include a primary school allows us to continue to serve the families who have entrusted their children to us across so many years.

BBIA Vision

We intend our school to be one which has a perfect atmosphere in which happy and relaxed children can enjoy their education and fulfil their goals.


We live in a world of rapid
technological and economic growth and change which potentially renders the
acquisition of technical and subject-based knowledge quickly redundant.
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Your child may need this skill as much as literacy and numeracy

Have you heard of oracy? Are you ... orate?


Ma Lea Fiona Estrada SAID

I went to BBIA this SY 2016-2017. I only have one schoolyear in Hungary before moving. This was a wonderful experience for me and I will forever cherish the memories. The mix of culture is the best. And the teachers are super cool! I will miss BBIA but I will always remember. Thank you BBIA.

Rachel Elliott SAID

Our son has just started BBIA. We are absolutely delighted with all aspects of the school. A truly international mix of students, a fantastic, professional group of teachers, and a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. The support for our child has been beyond our expectations. We look forward to being part of this fantastic school community.

Why choose us


Curriculum & instruction start

Student support services

Early childhood center

Auditorium with stage

Unique atmosphere

Exciting outdoor facilities

Specialised external subject experts.

Qualified and highly experienced staff

Working hours

  • Monday 08:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
  • Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
  • Friday 08:00 - 17:00

Provides opportunities for the child to explore


BBIA is an international school
which admitted its first pupils
in August 2015


We currently have children enrolled from
reception class and up to year 4.

Positive reinforcement

Children in our classrooms are working hard on forging social skills through collaboration.
We acknowledge and celebrate their success with them at our assemblies.

LOCATION: 1025 Budapest, Berkenye utca 13 - 15

We encourage you to visit us
at our location. We have a unique
atmosphere at our school, which
we are proud of, so do not hesitate
visiting us.


Outdoor learning and tending to
our school garden is a big part of
our day.


We have a unique atmosphere at our school, where many cultures and nationalities thrive and prosper.

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  • Today we celebrated Farsang by dressing up in amazing costumes and sending winter away with a bonfire. #farsang #bbia #school #budapest #education #primaryschool #celebrate #costumes
  • Friday morning PE is a great way to start the day. #bbia #budapest #sport #schoollife #fun #exercise
  • After all classes had carved their artwork into the logs it was time to give them some colour. The concentration and focus was impressive to watch, teamwork at its finest. #bbia #primary #school #budapest #hungary #education #community #artproject #teamwork #flow #focus #concentration #colour
  • After a brief lecture and demonstration in safety when working with carving tools, our students went to work. Every single student grew a little in confidence that day, after being entrusted with and managing to work with a chisel. The fact that it was their own drawings they were crawing into the wooden logs made it all even better. #bbia #primary #school #budapest #education #community #project #confidence #woodcarving #creativity #teamwork
  • After the story our students drew their own versions of their favourite fantasy animals. #bbia #primary #school #budapest #education #community #project #fantasy #outdoors
  • The beginning of our whole school community outreach project started with a story in a magical tent. #bbia #school #education #budapest #community #project #story #beginning
  • The rumours were true! It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the adventurous day. #bbia #school #budapest #education #bratislava #dinosaur
  • We heard that there was an amazing Dinosaur park in Bratislava. Ofcourse we had to investigate and sent our year 3's off to explore. #bbia #budapest #school #trip #education #dinosaur #experience #roadtrip