Budapest British
International Academy

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Principal's Message


Dear Budapest British International Academy Parents and Community,

The honour of leading a modern and dynamic international school full of future potential such as the Budapest British International Academy is a unique pleasure and an exciting professional challenge.

At BBIA, each student is at the centre of the learning process and our school’s primary focus is for all the children to acquire the best possible skills and knowledge throughout their time with us. BBIA follows a highly professional approach to education and uses the most up-to-date educational methods, while the students are at the same time enjoying a safe, welcoming and inspiring learning environment.

Our students are our greatest success and BBIA’s special mission is to inspire the children’s interest in all subject areas, cultivate their individual, academic and linguistic skills, as well as nurture global awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and the environment.

With a wide variety of subjects across the British National Curriculum, qualified and experienced teachers, and abundant learning resources, we believe that our school truly stands for excellence in modern-day international education.

BBIA’s team of teachers is committed and professional and every member of our faculty is devoted to supporting their students in attaining academic excellence and following their own individual path to success.

For the academic year 2020-2021, it is our great pleasure to welcome BBIA’s old and news students and their families, and to embark together on the quest for knowledge.

We are looking forward to a fantastic academic year of learning, friendship, and fun!

Cordially yours,

Irene Savic

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